Shamus Dark covers Life Child


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3 Responses to Shamus Dark covers Life Child

  1. Dorothy Laflin says:

    I would like to clear up the confusion between Ramases (Barrington Frost), born in Sheffield, and Martin Raphael who played the sitar on Space Hymns. I do not know where he was born or where he lived. I wish to confirm that Ramases and Martin Raphael were not the same person. I do not know how this misunderstanding has come about. I would be interested to hear any comments. Love and light from Selket. (Dorothy Frost, wife of Ramases)

  2. Brian Currin says:

    Peter Stormare wrote:
    Martin Raphael’s nickname was Ralph to start with….
    On one of the album’s “out-takes” the engineer… (Gouldman I think) talks over the intercom to the guy on the floor…you think it’s to Ram but actually Ram isn’t even there…it’s an overdub…
    Hey Ralph! And it sounds as if Ram is replying, but that’s a previous take…
    It’s very clear on our out-take…
    “Ralph” Martin Raphael is the one talking…
    Ram shows him the chord-changes then he leaves and “Ralph” plays to the tape alone…
    That’s the story….
    No other connection name wise….
    Wonder what “Ralph” is doing today…picking his sitar hopefully…

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