Glass Top Coffin Album Cover

Glass Top Coffin

Glass Top Coffin

Glass Top Coffin Inner

Glass Top Coffin Inner

Glass Top Coffin Back

Glass Top Coffin Back

“The dreamer dreamed the dust rose up and walked
But when the dreamer woke did anyone tell the dust
-and I fell- and stars like dust covered me” – Ramases


Side One:

  1. Golden Landing
  2. Long, Long Time
  3. Now Mona Lisa
  4. God Voice
  5. Mind Island
  6. Only The Loneliest Feeling

Side Two:

  1. Sweet Reason
  2. Stepping Stones
  3. Saler Man
  4. Children Of The Green Earth
  5. Glass Top Coffin
  6. Golden Landing (Part II)


  • Ramases and Sel: Lead vocals and acoustic guitars
  • Jo Romero: Acoustic and electric guitars, Tablas
  • Pete Kingsman: Electric and string Bass
  • Roger Harrison: Drums and tuned percussion
  • Barry Kirsch: Piano, Synthesizer
  • Colin Thurston: Bass on ‘Long Long Time’
  • Kay (Garner), Sue (Glover) & Sunny (Leslie) and the Eddie Lester Chorale: Backing vocals
    (Sue and Sunny were from the Brotherhood Of Man)
  • Bon Bertles (of Nucleus): Sax
  • Orchestra: Members of the Royal Philharmonic and London Symphony Orchestras
  • Orchestral arrangements by Rob Young

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