6-Disc Ramases set by Stormvox Records launching 22 April 2014


Unearthed from years of being lost and finally garnering the attention it deserves, the psychedelic rock project Ramases is ready to be brought back to life by Stormvox Records. The complete catalog of Ramases will be available to the public in a way that’s never been heard before in an all-encompassing 6-disc box set that pays homage to the cosmic musical endeavors of Barrington and Dorthy Frost. More details on the exciting project below.

A passion project started up by actor and Stormvox record label owner, Peter Stormare (Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Armageddon, Prison Break), the music of Ramases will be able to transport its listeners to an otherworldly time and era. Brilliantly progressive and mystically inspired, the kaleidoscopic rock sounds of Ramases highlights an expansive range of work for its short-lived span– from acoustic love songs and illustrious saxophones to mesmerizing sitars and permeating guitar riffs.

“Dorthy and Barrington came to me with remarkable music in 1973, under the name Ramases,” remarks Stormare about the music. “With the arrival of Space Hymns, I loved it and I lived it. Carrying the music within that shaped and molded me.” Now, Ramases’ complete works are available via Stormvox Records, including never before heard bonus tracks, rarities, and remixes, as well as cover versions by great, modern-day acts such as Blonde From Fargo, Haroula Rose, Rocketboat, and more.

Ramases was the creation and alter-ego of Barrington Frost, a former army PT instructor born in Sheffield, UK. While involved in a central heating business in Scotland, Frost took on the identity of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramases, believing himself to be a reincarnation and causing him to pursue a musical career in 1968. Moving forward, Frost adopted the name Ramases and together with wife, Dorthy aka Selket, they formed the legendary rock band, Ramases. Early singles of Space Hymns (1971) was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport and was backed by the band Hotlegs who were soon-to-be members of 10cc. Glass Top Coffin (1975) was recorded in London with hopes of being the break-out album for the magical duo. Unfortunately, Barrington Frost died in 1976, but his legacy remains.

The 6-disc Ramases set by Stormvox Records includes:
1. Space Hymns (re-mastered)
2. Space Hymns (rarities)
3. Glass Top Coffin (re-mastered)
4. Glass Top Coffin (rarities)
5. Singles & Bonuses
6. A Tribute to… (covers)

For more information on Ramases and Stormvox Records

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