• Crazy One / Mind’s Eye
    (Benelux & UK, CBS 3717) September 1968 byRamases and Selket

    Ramases and Selket - Crazy One

    Ramases and Selket – Crazy One

    Crazy One: They managed to persuade CBS to let them make a single. It was to have been ‘Quasar One’. In fact, someone at CBS got his wires crossed and misheard it as ‘Crazy One’, so they recorded it as ‘Crazy One’.
    — Pete Erskine, NME, 15 March 1975, info supplied by Felix Reut, November 1999

    Ramases and Selket: These are the same people who later conceived the album ‘Space Hymns’ on Vertigo, which was played by none other than well-known group 10cc. Here, however, the duo of Ramases and Selket are at their best, with their only single released in 1968 on CBS. The ‘Space Hymns’ album is not bad (3 stars), in fact it’s fine progressive music without all that jazz stuff so evident on certain Vertigo LPs, and also without the hard rock sound found on almost all the others. Try it, but don’t expect anything that comes near the two songs on this compilation.
    — Matthias Bock, 1996, The Rubble Collection reviews


    News from CBS Records

    Mind’s Eye: An early Ramases and Sel track, ‘Mind’s Eye’ [and ‘Crazy One’], appears on volume 3 of the new Rubble series (which hasn’t got much to do with the old, deleted Rubble collection series), that has been released by Voiceprint Records.
    — Matt Gee, July 1999

    Record Collector: I would like to bring to your attention that another feature about Ramases and Sel has just been published in September issue of Record Collector magazine. The magazine has been running an A-Z guide for British psychedelia. This month, they reached the letter R, and concentrate on Ramases and Sel’s ‘Mind’s Eye’ 45.
    — Matt Gee, September 1999

    Acid Drops: ‘Mind’s Eye’ was released in August 2001 on a Mojo magazine 4CD box set compilation ‘Acid Drops, Spacedust and Flying Saucers’. Available from
    — Brian Currin, October 2001

    Borderline Books: An ultra-rare, reputedly psychededelic 45, which goes for well in excess of £50 in mint condition when one finds a copy. The couple dressed in old Egyptian clothes and later recorded as Ramases. Compilation appearances have included: ‘Mind’s Eye’ and ‘Crazy One’ on ‘Rubble, Vol. 11’ (CD) and ‘The Best Of Rubble Collection, Vol. 3’ (CD).
    — Borderline Books

  • Love You/ Gold Is The Ring
    (Major Minor MM 704) 1970 byRamases and Seleka

    Love You

    Love You

    Gold Is The Ring

    Gold Is The Ring

    An earlier single by Ramases and his wife Sel. In Europe the ‘A’ side appeared as ‘Screw You’ which can be found on ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Vol. 2’ (LP). It’s a hypnotic piece with rather unnerving half-spoken lyrics and female climatic shrieks.
    — Borderline Books

  • Screw You/ Gold Is The Ring
    (Major Minor 14.553 AT) 1970 byRam and Sel

    Screw You

    Screw You

    Screw You

    Screw You

    Gold Is The Ring

    Gold Is The Ring

    ‘Screw You’ is an alternate version of ‘Love You’ (see above).

    ‘Love You’ and ‘Screw You’ scans supplied by David Tibet.

    In Holland, it seems that ‘Gold Is The Ring’ was the A-side. Catalogue number looks like MAM840. Cover scan from Manfret, March 2005

  • Balloon (sometimes listed as ‘Ballroom’)/ Muddy Water
    (UK, Philips 6113 001) June 1971



    Scan supplied by David Tibet, December 2006

    The single version of ‘Balloon’ is a little different to the ‘Space Hymns’ album version. Firstly it’s taken at a faster pace and the spacey sound FX towards the end are much more pronounced.

    And ‘Muddy Water‘ is like one of those campfire Gospel sing-along songs.
    — Brian Currin, March 2004

    On the back of the picture sleeve it has DISTRUBIZIONE PHONGRAM S.P.A. and Cat. No. 6113 001. The image on the back of the sleeve is identical to the front.

    The record has 6113.001 also and MADE IN ITALY 1971, though all text is in English. Both sides are MONO.
    — David Tibet, December 2006

  • Jesus Come Back/ Hello Mister
    (UK, Philips 6113 003) December 1971

    Jesus Come Back

    Jesus Come Back

  • Nino Viviente (Life Child) (5.35)/ Hola Señor (Hello Mister) (2.58)
    (Chile, Vertigo 6059 062) 1972

    Nino Viviente (Life Child)

    Nino Viviente (Life Child)


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